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Welcome to "Stardoll minun silmin" -blog!

Stardoll minun silmin is a blog written by Fiandapie. Blog is written in Finnish, and I plan to keep it that way.

But who am I? 
My nick is Fiandapie. I'm 22 years old stardoller from Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Finland. I'm known in by finnish stardollers as kind of jack-of-all-trades - I've been active user since 2006, and I've withnesses many changes, updates and trends. Though I've been member so long, I have until now started to make friends with other stardollers. Until making friends I mainly focused on building my suite.

Where can you find me?
Naturally, from Stardoll. My nickname is Fiandapie. You can also spot me on Facebook by name Fiandapie Stardoll. I also use twitter as Fiandapie. You'll find the links below.

Picture by MissFey

My achievements in Stardoll
 ♥ Original Finnish Starblogger since 2009
 ♥ Stardoll Royalty since 12.11.2009 (so I'm the original cast)
 ♥ Miss Stardoll World 2010 Semifinalist
 ♥ Catwalk placements: 1st 07.02.2011, second 19.05.2011 and two random placements
 ♥ National Covergirl 07.12.2011 and 20.05.2011
 ♥ Covergirl 08.02.2011
 ♥ 4th scenery 09.02.2011
 ♥ I was featured in a competion called "Guess whose suite?" by Stardoll

My clubs
At this moment I have a club called K-18 for over 18yo Finnish stardollers

I do not accept without getting to know you first.

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